Large mens leather wallet Nappa

Mark / Nappa
Sku: #620-296


A very interlocking system that uses every single space at best, this wallet attracts those who love organization and tidiness. The multiple pockets allow carrying everything you need while keeping compact dimensions. Made of Nappa leather, just fill it!


Brand: Nuvola Pelle®
Material: Genuine Nappa leather full grain
Dimension (refer when wallet is closed): 10,5 x 12,7 x 2,8 cm
Weight: 180 g
Box: Included
Type: Men‘s
Composition: 12 credit card pockets, 1 inner pocket with zip, 1 coin holder, 2 bill money pockets, 2 transparent sections with net and 3 extra pockets
Available colors: Black, Dark brown, Blue. All plain colour

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