Nuvola Pelle
Chad / Nappa

Leather bifold credit card holder for men Nappa


Product Details

Feel safe, tidy and relaxed with a new leather wallet with a slim and functional design. Numerous internal compartments for documents and credit cards, it's the perfect accessory to combine aesthetics and functionality. A small wallet with slender design that fits neatly into a back pocket without adding bulk.

Brand: Nuvola Pelle®
Material: Genuine Nappa leather full grain
Dimension (refer when wallet is closed): 10,4 x 9,3 x 2,4 cm
Weight: 100 g
Box: Included
Type: Men‘s
Composition: 9 credit card pockets, 2 bill money pockets, 1 transparent section with net and 2 extra pockets
Available colors: Black, Dark brown, Blue, Green. All plain colour

Sku: #620-476