Mens leather wallet with snap closure Nappa

Junior / Nappa
Sku: #620-241


An everlasting, classic and suited for everyday life wallet. It has no coin pocket, so it can store up to 8 cards and grant very reduced thickness. Even after being filled with documents and banknotes its dimensions are compact. Made of soft Nappa leather, it attracts those who look for sober shapes and functionality.


Brand: Nuvola Pelle®
Material: Genuine Nappa leather full grain
Dimension (refer when wallet is closed): 9,5 x 10 x 2,1 cm
Weight: 98 g
Box: Included
Type: Men‘s
Composition: 8 credit card pockets, 2 bill money pockets and 2 extra pockets
Available colors: Black, Dark brown, Blue, Green. All plain colour

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