The Team


Founded in 1992 by Enrica and Paolo Addario,
Dudubags is an Italian brand of leather and fashion accessories,
for men and women.

It is backed by a family tradition that over time has teamed dedication, experience and passion with the taste and needs of today’s market. Recognised as one of the best in its sector, Dudubags bags, wallets and purses are the outcome of in-depth knowledge of materials and production processes, attention to detail and an aesthetic sensitivity that has stimulated study for the creation of new lines.

The collections are either developed by the company’s in-house creative department, headed by Sandra Cione, or the result of collaboration with external designers Zaven and Dogtrot. All the articles are studied, conceived and designed in Italy. Dudubags provides excellent customer services with fast, guaranteed delivery all over the world.


At a very young age, Biagio Addario, father of Enrica and Paolo, learnt the art of leather working in artisan laboratories in Florence, the heart of the Italian leather manufacturing tradition. He started at first with the traditional bags in raffia or bamboo and leather. In the seventies he sets up production and sale also of leather clothing. After moving near Venice, he became first a distributor of accessories and then an exclusive licensee for several historic Italian labels, i.e. Gucci. In 1992 he founded Visconti Diffusione with his children, handing down his passion and the skills he had acquired over the years, together with in-depth knowledge of Italian craftsmanship.