From inspiration to reality. The perfect blend of leather and colour.

Dudu products live and tell a story of quality, research and attention to detail. Our products are manufactured using the finest leathers, carefully selected to ensure their long life and pleasant tactile and visual finishes.
Ongoing research on products and manufacturing processes allows us to constantly improve our standards. All this to be more responsible, to increase product value.

Our leathers

High quality leather ensures a long life to products, thanks to its strength and resilience. Moreover, its softness and aesthetic appearance awaken our senses, offering a highly emotional experience.

Smooth calfskin leather

Dudu smooth calf leather is a full-grain leather manufactured in the best Italian tanneries. It is carefully selected for the Iconic Bags Made in Italy women's collection, as it enhances the depth of colour and makes it even more intense. Very silky in appearance, it is used for its tendency to express itself in a minimalist design.

Full-grain nappa calfskin leather

The softest leather, pleasant and silky to the touch. Thanks to its very light natural grain, it defines shapes with bright colours that enhance its natural appearance and create a brilliant and luminous colour scheme. All Dudu wallets and softer products are made from this leather.

Full-grain calfskin leather

Natural and exceptionally soft to the touch and the eye, this is a premium quality leather. It is an extremely valuable and durable material featuring a natural grain. This leather is used for Business and Travel products.


Besides design elements combining functionality and style, colour is the key to modernity and personality. Dudu leathers are processed under the strictest standards to ensure high quality long-lasting products.

How to take care of your leather products

Genuine leather accessories enhance their appearance over time, but it is important to keep them in good condition to preserve their technical and aesthetic qualities.

Water can cause stains, so take immediate action by gently dabbing with a dry cloth.

When storing your bag or leather accessories, fill them with tissue paper to maintain their correct shape.

Dust is dangerous for leather accessories. To protect your bag, remember to store it in its fabric dust bag.