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Leather coin purse with zipper Nappa


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Your wallet is overflowing with coins and you don’t know where to keep them? Help yourself with a new leather coin purse, the ideal solution to always have loose change handy when needed. Lightweight and with classic design, embellished with a refined lining that enhances the color of the leather, it’s perfect for the modern man. Ensures an indispensable practicality and a quick opening with zip to store the essentials during your daily commissions.

Brand: Nuvola Pelle®
Material: Genuine Nappa leather full grain
Dimension (refer when wallet is closed): 7,8 x 8,7 x 1,6 cm
Weight: 30 g
Box: Included
Type: Unisex
Composition: 1 main coin holder
Available colors: Black, Dark brown, Red, Blue, Green, Taupe. All plain colour

Sku: #620-303
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