Mens leather wallet with coin purse Nappa

Den / Nappa
Sku: #620-473


If you are the classic hyper-organized man who loves to keep all the receipts, this leather wallet with coin purse is the right accessory for you. Full of space for business cards, credit cards and ID cards, it has a linear and functional style that easily adapts to all styles and all personalities. Compact and elegant, it's embellished with a refined inner lining that enhances the color of the leather.


Brand: Nuvola Pelle®
Material: Genuine Nappa leather full grain
Dimension (refer when wallet is closed): 12,5 x 9,9 x 2,6 cm
Weight: 100 g
Box: Included
Type: Men‘s
Composition: 7 credit card pockets, 1 coin holder, 2 bill money pockets, 1 transparent section with net and 5 extra pockets
Available colors: Black, Dark brown, Blue, Green. All plain colour

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