A 24-Hour Lifestyle

DuDuʼs products seamlessly integrate into every aspect of your life. From refined bags and stylish wallets to office and home accessories, the companyʼs products enhance your daily routine. With their clean, minimalist designs, they effortlessly fulfill your daily needs while adding a splash of color to your world. The sumptuous nappa leather they're crafted from envelops you in a cocoon of comfort, offering solace and warmth.

DuDu: A Tale of All-Italian Design.

DuDu isn't just an accessory brand; DuDu is also the story of a family deeply passionate about design. Founded by Biagio Addario in Tuscany, amidst the artisan workshops of Florence, DuDu is steeped in tradition and expertise. Here, as a young apprentice, Biagio learned the intricacies of leather craftsmanship.
For love, Biagio Addario later relocated to Pordenone. There he established the company that today is in the capable hands of his children, Enrica and Paolo, who continue to blend their passion for design with a profound appreciation for style.
DuDu represents the embodiment of Biagio Addario's creative vision—a man who adored vibrant hues and essential shapes. Through a diverse range of practical and functional items, DuDu shares its unique perspective on the world.

DuDu: Elevating Everyday Moments with Original Italian Style

Experience a burst of vitality with DuDu, an Italian brand renowned for its exquisite wallets, bags, and stunning design objects for both the office and home. Their products boast meticulously crafted, sleek designs that imbue every touch with a sense of certainty and sophistication. The supple and luxurious nappa leather envelops you in its velvety embrace, while a vibrant palette of colors reaffirms that it's the intricate details that set DuDu products apart.

24-Hour Lifestyle

DuDu's products surround our lives and make them better: they help us with our daily needs with their simple, straightforward design, and brighten our days with their colour.


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