Our leathers

High quality leather ensures a long life to products, thanks to its strength and resilience. Moreover, its softness and aesthetic appearance awaken our senses, offering a highly emotional experience.


Besides design elements combining functionality and style, colour is the key to modernity and personality. Dudu leathers are processed under the strictest standards to ensure high quality long-lasting products.

From inspiration to reality. The perfect blend of leather and colour.

Dudu products live and tell a story of quality, research and attention to detail. Our products are manufactured using the finest leathers, carefully selected to ensure their long life and pleasant tactile and visual finishes. Ongoing research on products and manufacturing processes allows us to constantly improve our standards. All this to be more responsible, to increase product value.

Our leathers

Quality leather ensures a long life of the products, thanks to its robustness and flexibility. And with its softness and aesthetic appearance, it is able to awaken our senses, offering an experience of great emotional impact.


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