Leather is our bond with Mother Nature. Our use of it is an act of reverence.

Leather, an inherently noble material, has been used by humans since the dawn of time. In fact, leather can be considered the original sustainable material, playing a pivotal role in the circular economy. With the assistance of technology, it's meticulously crafted, adapted, and transformed, ensuring nothing is wasted. Leather processing is also a cherished tradition, particularly in countries where industrial craftsmanship has evolved to uphold a supply chain rooted in sustainability. These shared values have fostered the dialogue between the two companies, turning artisanal wisdom into a shared legacy that bridges the past with the future. The intrinsic beauty of leather, a soft material pleasing to the touch, lends each product aesthetic value and enduring durability. In this way, leather becomes the heart of a comprehensive project that interprets the needs of our world, presenting them in tangible form: in our bags, our wallets, and throughout our entire range of creations.

Our Certifications

We craft our creations using both Italian and Indian leather. Our primary material is nappa, a globally renowned luxury leather. We also employ a more structured and sturdy calf skin for our business collection. Each of our creations allows the tracing of the type of leather used: italian leathers hold REACH and LWG certifications. Indian leather is also REACH certified and is on the cusp of receiving LWG certification.
A narrative of encounters between individuals, colors, and materials, which shape the everyday objects of our global existence.

India and Dudu: A Personal Story. The Tale of a Family.

Creativity is a journey, both within and beyond ourselves. Following the path carved out by the founder, Biagio Addario, who used the chromatic interpretation of his products as the cornerstone of his aesthetic research, Dudu has reached all the way to Kolkata, India. Here, the Addario family met the Ahmed family, initiating a collaboration spanning over twenty years, built on shared business and personal values. A strong bond, fueled by a mutual desire for growth and improvement, has forged a unified team that operates harmoniously, respecting both cultures. The ongoing dialogue between the two young entrepreneurs, both successors of creative and visionary fathers, has evolved into a stable collaboration. Shared values of nurturing local resources and leather, championing artisanal craftsmanship, and emphasizing the importance of color and design have transformed the company from a local enterprise into a global community. The Dudu collection, born out of Italy and India's collaborative efforts, represents a modern and metaphorical manifestation of our story - a narrative of encounters between individuals, colors, and materials, which shape the everyday objects of our global existence.

The leather is our link with Mother Nature

It is, in fact, leather that is the first virtuous material, the interpreter of a circular economy system through which, with the use of technology, it is declined, adapted and transformed: never wasted.


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